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Fintech Directory UK | A-Z Listings - Business Cards - Edinburgh - Glasgow - London.

FinTech Directory UK provides A-Z listings for Cyber Security, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, RegTech, Data Analytics, Payments, Lending, and Personal Finance Companies located here in Scotland in Cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and also in other parts of the UK including London.

This Fintech Directory is a little unique, our aim is to create a clean and simple directory, loosely based upon the style of traditional business cards. We want our visitors to be able to quickly search for a Fintech firms in the UK using either the A-Z lookup, by location e.g. Edinburgh, and/or by Sector e.g. Payments.

To submit to this Fintech directory, simply email us your Company Name, URL, Company Logo, and specify one category only from the following: Cyber Security, RegTech, Data Analytics, Payments, Lending, Personal Finance, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Cryptocurrency, Social Good, Insurance, Institutional Tool, or Investment Platform. Finally, please also include where your Fintech Company is located within the UK, e.g. Edinburgh, Glasgow, or London etc.

We only list UK Fintech Firms that pass our stringent checks. We currently list around 150 Fintechs in the United Kingdom in strict categories. We will be adding more Companies regularly. Please bookmark this page and kindly inform your friends and colleagues of this page using the share buttons.

The listing process includes verification of your website and details. There is currently no administration fee to create a new listing, modify an existing listing, or when removing a listing. Please do not submit details for a Fintech Company that does not have an address in the United Kingdom. For all listing related query please contact us by email:

Please note this is not an exchange - we do not hold Cryptocurrencies. By continuing to use our site, you are accepting our full terms and conditions found under ‘Legal’ in the main menu.